Finding a Lost Remote


A missing AVA remote can be located by playing a sound, or by using geo-positioning.

Quick Steps

  1. Open the Find My Device website or Android app.
  2. Log in using the same Google account as the lost remote uses.
  3. Select the lost remote from the device list.
  4. Tap Play Sound or use the map to locate the missing device.

Find My Remote Screens

Here are two screens from the Find My Remote app running on an AVA Remote. The web app has similar capabilities.

devices List in app    
options available on a device    
RX1_screen_find_my_remote_02.png RX1_screen_find_my_remote_01.png


Deeper Information

Find My Device is a powerful feature of Google-certified Android devices, including remote controls from AVA. You can find further information on the Android Help page “Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device.”


Find My Device only works when the lost remote is:

  • Powered on,
  • Connected to the Internet,
  • Using the same account as you are using on the Find My Device app or website.

Verify that a remote can be found with Find My Device before hand-off to a customer.

Customer Privacy

As noted, Find My Device uses a Google account to locate devices. All remotes for a single home should use the same Google account. For customer privacy, never use the same Google account for different customers’s devices.

For best practices for Google accounts, read “Using Google Accounts with AVA Devices.”


Find My Device can be helpful for roughly locating an Android device using the map location, especially in larger sites. However, it seldom gets an exact location for a device. GPS signals are already imprecise, and indoor environments—especially multi-floor buildings—further degrade the precision of GPS.

Use the map in Find My Device as an indicator of the rough area of a device. Then use the Play Sound feature to locate the device.