Power Adapters, Battery Life, and AVA Remotes


Because the USB standards enable you to use a wide selection of power adapters, it promotes the misconception that power adapters are highly interchangeable. This article provides guidance and some background regarding the use of power adapters other than those that come with AVA Remotes.

Key Take-aways

  • Always use the power adapter and cable provided with AVA Remote
  • To ensure long battery life, AVA Remote only supports “basic” charging.
  • Some fast charger power adapters cannot charge an AVA Remote.

AVA's Recommendation

AVA urges you to use the original power supply and cable provided in the box with the AVA Remote (RX1). AVA Remote has been certified for use with the AVA power adapter and cable that come in the package, and AVA can only guarantee compliance and safety for its own products.

You can find other power adapters and cables that are able to charge an AVA Remote. By doing so, you accept risks of incompatibility, shortened battery life, and potential electrical hazards. AVA’s product warranty requires the use of the original power supply and cable, according to the Important Product Information document included with the product.

Some Adapters Cannot Charge an AVA Remote

AVA Remote does not support either of the two "fast charging" standards, USB-C QC (Quick Charge) and PD (Power Delivery), available in many modern mobile devices. This was a deliberate engineering choice that AVA made to achieve a long battery life (as measured in number of charging cycles). Fast charging causes batteries to degrade and lose charge capacity more quickly. AVA Remote uses basic charging at 5 Volts to ensure the battery lasts for many years. This is part of the device's overall durability.

When using QC or PD charger, the power adapter and the power-using device perform a handshake negotiation to determine that maximum wattage of the cable is not exceeded. Based on that communication the voltage of charging is chosen automatically by the involved components. The AVA Remote does not support this handshake negotiation because it uses only basic charging. Some USB-C Power Supplies and USB-C cables default back to 5 Volt, some don’t. This depends heavily on the cables and power supplies being used. So you may find that the AVA Remote does not charge at all when you connect it to certain fast charging adapters. Again, this is by design.