🎥 Create a Project on a Nano Brain

Setting up your first Nano Brain for AVA Cinema Remote? Here's how! 





The Nano Brain for this video is connected to Ethernet, which is always best way to connect a Nano Brain to the the network.

Connecting a Nano Brain to Wi-Fi adds a few extra steps, so check out the video that covers how to do that.

When your Nano Brain’s front LED glows solid white, it’s ready to set up.



From this screen on either model of AVA Remote, tap Begin.

Create a Google account following the same guidance as in the First Setup video.

Update the AVA apps if the remote prompts you to.

Choose whether to accept the license agreement, then allow AVA OS to start up.

Tap Create New Project, then tap Next.

Log into your AVA Pro account, as required each time you set up new AVA OS project.

On the Project screen, tap External Brain, then tap Next.

When prompted for permission to use location services, tap Allow While Using App.

Also allow device discovery on the network.

If you accidentally deny these permissions, you can go through the Android Settings and allow them.

Once you grant permissions, the remote scans the network to find any Nano Brains that don’t have a project, yet.

Select the Nano Brain you want to set up...

Give the project a name…

Select a Room for this Brain.

And AVA OS sets up the Project for you.

A moment or two later, you’re ready to start adding devices.



You now have an AVA Nano Brain setup.

It has a new project running on it.

And it has its first remote connected to it.