🎥 Connect a Nano Brain to Wi-Fi

Here’s how to connect an AVA Nano Brain to a Wi-Fi network.





Experienced pros only use Wi-Fi when they absolutely have to, so before we begin, a quick mention.

Remember that the USB-C Ethernet adapter can connect and power a Brain by PoE, or just connect it to the network alongside an AC adapter.

Either way, it performs much better than a Wi-Fi connection.

Also, never use Wi-Fi on a Satellite Brain.

Commands already go over Wi-Fi from the remote to the Main Brain.

If a Satellite gets that command from the Main Brain over Wi-Fi as well, the latency makes for a poor experience.

Even if you tested it and it seems fine in the shop or unoccupied home, when the family are home TikToking, YouTubing, or whatnot…it won’t be the experience you want to deliver.



Okay, let’s get right to the part of setup when you Create a New Project…and skip past the sign-in steps.

You can see the part before this in other videos. [Show Card]

From there, tap External Brain, and let the remote discover the available devices.

The top Nano Brain shown here is connected to Ethernet, so it ready to go.

The bottom Nano Brain is ready to connect to Wi-Fi.

Pick your SSID.

The remote will only show the SSIDs it knows, so first make sure your remote is connected to the proper network.

Enter the wireless password.

You can reveal the password to verify your typing right here (but, no, you don’t get to my password in this video).

Tap connect and allow the remote to pass the Wi-Fi credentials to the Nano Brain.

In a moment, the remote confirms that the Brain is connected.

The Brain probably needs to download an update and restart.

The Brain showing here right now is the one previously noted as connected by Ethernet.

We’re waiting for the update to finish.

And after a few refreshes, the remote shows Ready to Use.

You can now tap it to continue setting up a project on it.



Let’s wrap up with a quick Pro tip on how to save yourself some time.

The software update can take a while, especially when you’re relying on a home’s Wi-Fi network.

Connect the brain with an Ethernet adapter at your shop or showroom beforehand.

Allow your Nano Brain to update where you have good downloads speeds and you can save yourself some time while on site, even if you ultimately put the Brain on Wi-Fi in your client’s home.