🎥 Creating a Sales Demo System…Fast!

Cinema Remote so it's easy for you to show a customer a live demo.




You don’t need a full theater system or working smart home to do a great demo of AVA OS and AVA Cinema Remote.


There is a built in demo system that you can turn on in just a few taps.

Beware! When you implement this demo system on an AVA remote, the remote switches to “internal brain” mode and loses any local AVA OS project configuration.

You have been warned.

Activating the on Demo System

To activate the demo project on a remote, you must already have started a project on the Remote so that you can access the menu from the main screen.

Check out the First Setup video if you need to see how to get to that point.

Tap the Settings button, and from there go to System.

Tap Configure AVA OS.

Tap Apply Demo Project.


Any local project on your remote gets overwritten.

If your remote is connected to a Nano Brain, the project will stay, but you will need to reconnect your remote.

At the final warning, tap Continue.

And bam! The remote now has full demo system.

Last Steps to Ready for a Demo

Remember to get the Spotify and Sonos apps both logged in and ready.

I like to have them open in the background so they open immediately in a demo.

Tour of the Demo System

The demo system has 3 rooms available.

The Living Room has more icons when you swipe.

Each Flow’s launch has super short wait times after turning on devices, so you can quickly show the Dynamic Keypad on a cinema remote.

Launch Spotify or Sonos to show a native app launch.

There is even an AC control for showing a non-media experience on the remote.


And…final thought: is the demo system a real world example?

Yes, be aware that an Apple TV or Roku within IR range of the demo remote may respond to it.

So, spend some time exploring this pre-built demo system.

You want to know it well when you show it to customers.

Happy demoing!

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