🎥 Reset AVA OS on a Remote

Resetting AVA OS on a remote is a much faster way to start a new project than a full factory reset. Learn how and when to use it here.





If you just want to practice setups, run an experiment, or remove a project from a remote so you can set up a new project on a Nano Brain .

You don’t need to do a whole factory reset.

You can just reset AVA OS.

This process clears the AVA OS configuration from a remote control.

It does not clear a project from an Nano Brain.

After you see the process, there are a couple more things to be aware of.

Demo Reel

Start from Settings and go to System.

Tap Configure AVA OS.

Tap Reset AVA OS.


Now you can set up AVA OS on the remote as needed.

More Detail

This process resets AVA OS on just this one remote.

It won’t affect any other remotes in the project, nor any Nano Brains.

It also does not change the Android operating system.

The remote remains logged into the same Google Account as when you set it up.

The remote keeps its Wi-Fi network

Any apps that you downloaded and configured are also unaffected.

Resetting AVA OS just clears the remote’s AVA OS configuration.


Save the Factory Reset process for those times when you want to completely erase a remote…apps, Wi-Fi, Google Account…everything.

Most of the time, resetting AVA OS is much faster.