🎥 Add a Satellite Brain to a Project

Quickly add a AVA Nano Brain to a project as a Satellite Brain by following these steps. 





Remember, Satellite Brains should always be connected to Ethernet.

Review the video on connecting Nano Brains to Wi-Fi to see why.


Demo Reel

To add a Satellite Brain to an existing project, start from Settings.

Go to System.

Tap Add Satellite Brain.

Let the system scan for Nano Brains.

Select the Nano Brain and review.

Then tap Next.

Choose a Room for the Satellite Brain.

Use a name that you will recognize later when you’re adding devices.

And a moment later, the Satellite Brain is ready.

You can now add devices from here.



From here on, whenever you add IR- or CEC-controlled devices to the project, AVA OS presents you with a choice on which Brain should issue the commands for that device.