🎥 Cinema Remote's Action Button





This button on the right side of the AVA Cinema Remote is called the Action Button.


It’s just below the volume buttons, and it has two programmable behaviors: Short press and long press.

Default Behavior

By default, a short press turns off the active Flow in a room.

The default for a long press is to activate Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Demo

That opens up some handy use case.

For example…

Remind me in 10 minutes to take the cookies out of the oven.

You can use it to settle an argument:

What was director Kevin Smith’s first movie?

Or, get other important facts:

What’s tomorrow’s weather going to be?

Or even launch an app:

Open the Play Store.

Google Assistant is unaware of AVA OS, so you can’t use it to, say, launch a Flow, like

Start DirecTV in the Kitchen

Programming Demo

You the behavior of the Action Button in Settings.

Tap Cinema Remote, and you can see both of these behaviors.

You can disable the default Flow Off behavior on the short press.

But that behavior is good.

Disable it only if you know a customer doesn’t want it.

You have few more options for Long Press.

For example, All Off turns off every active Flow in the project.

Or, one of my favorites, you can have it invoke Josh AI in a Josh home.


So that’s the Action Button, not available on AVA Home Remote, only on AVA Cinema Remote.