🎥 Set Up Channel Favorites


Never leave a cable box or other channel-based device without a clients favorite channels!




When I start this Flow for DirecTV, the remote’s touch screen switches to the channel favorites slide.

It’s the perfect “next thing” a client wants when they turn on a cable box because a single touch brings them right to the channel they want to watch.


Set Up Channel Favorites

Devices with built in tuners will show this yellow badge on their Flow icon.

It indicates you haven’t set up favorite channels.

So here’s what to do.

After starting the Flow, tap the menu icon in the top right.

If you don’t see the icon, unhide Installer Settings.

Tap Edit Favorites.

Now, add your customer’s favorite channels by searching the name, and assigning the station number for the channel.

Sort the favorites list so the most used are at the top.

The slide fits up to 12 favorites.

If you add more than 12, it creates an additional slide.

Pro tip! Put the kid’s station last, as I did here. Those little rats, they learn user interfaces fast.



After adding favorite channels, the yellow badge is gone, and your client loves the convenience of their AVA remote even more.