🎥 Create a Flow for Launching an App


Create a Flow for launching an Android app from an AVA Cinema Remote or AVA Home Remote.




You don’t have to use the streaming services “Apps” slide that comes pre-defined in a driver.


Instead, you can build a custom interface that provides only the streaming Apps that your client uses.



These are the default streaming apps in the Roku driver.

But if we swipe the Slide right…

You have a place for a building a Custom UI.

Tap Add Custom UI to get started.

Now, Add a Button or Widget.

UI elements can command any device in the system.

But we’re after streaming apps on Bedroom’s Roku device.

So tap Roku.

Scroll down to find the TV apps you want to add to the Custom UI.

Like Netflix…


…and Prime Video…

Then tap Done.

Here’s the Custom UI...but I want it a bit lower to center it.

So open the Slide menu and tap Edit Custom UI.

Now add a Spacer.

Sort the Spacer and move it to the top.

That should put them within easy thumb reach.

Now hide the built-in Apps slide.

From the menu, tap Edit Slides.

Hide Apps.

Now tap the Sort button and move the new Custom UI slide to the top…

…and tap Save.



Now when you start Roku…

…the new custom UI shows first…

…and the built-in Apps slide is hidden.