🎥 Managing Touch Screen Interfaces (Slides 2)


Manage the touch screen UI for a Flow, for use on both AVA Cinema Remote and AVA Home Remote.




On either the Home Remote…

…or the Cinema Remote…

…when you start a Flow for a TV source…

…the remote opens a customizable user interface on its touch screen.



We call these Slides…

…because a swipe lets you slide from one to the next.


Slides Demo

The Home Remote has a few more Slides than the Cinema Remote…

…like this Control Pad slide…

…and this Channel zapper.

The Cinema Remote doesn’t need them because it has the Dynamic Keypad.


Managing Slides

You can modify Slides from their defaults.

Go into Settings…

…and then Flows…

…and tap the Flow you want to modify.

Customize Slides gets you to this page.

You can toggle to hide a Slide, or show it.

Slides with the Home Remote icon only show on the Home Remote.

You can also sort the slides to change their order.

Whatever Slide tops the list is what shows when you first start a Flow.

Lastly, this Custom UI Slide lets you build you own interfaces.

Check out the video on that.



Now that you know how to customize Slides, use this power sparingly.

The defaults are generally pretty solid.