🎥 IP Driver for Denon AVRs

This video shows you how to install the IP drivers for Denon & Marantz AV receivers for control with AVA OS. 



Denon & Marantz AVRs have an IP driver that is quick and easy to install

Head to Settings

then tap Devices.

Tap add Device.

IP drivers are always controlled by the project’s Main Brain, so leave the Main Brain selected and tap Next.

Enter Denon IP to find the driver quickly.

Don’t just skip this next screen. It’s important.

First point: turn on the AVR’s “Network Standby” feature.

That ensures the device can be turned back on after a power-off command.

Second, and this will mainly affect you in a showroom or wherever you have other systems running:

You can’t control an AVR that is already controlled by another automation system.

You can discover it on the network, but the AVR won’t take commands until the other system has been disconnected.

After that, you can pick the AVR by its discovered model…

…and add it to a room.



And there it is! You can now add other devices and wire it up!