Adding a favorite to your AVA Speaker through the AVA Remote



Set some of your favorite Spotify playlists or Spotify albums as a favorite on your AVA Speaker. Up to 5 such Favorites can be saved, these can then be directly started from within the AVA App or directly on the speaker without ever opening the Spotify App itself.

Quick Steps

  1. Choose one of your favorite playlists/albums/etc in the Spotify App. This can be done on the AVA Remote.
  2. Start playing the playlist you wish to add as a favorite
  3.  If you're using the AVA remote it should start playing through the AVA Speakers
  4. On the main screen of your AVA remote tap Zones.
  5. Tap the 3 dots on the zone you have playing.
  7. Tap NEXT
  8. Choose on which Favorite Number you want to save the Playlist to.
  9. Tap confirm
  10. You have now added a Favorite to the AVA Speaker.

Next Steps

From the AVA Speaker if you tap the 🎵 button it’ll light up number 1 at the top, tap to move across 1-5 to select your favorite or select it from the AVA Remote by selecting sources then selecting your favorite from the favorites.