Adding a favorite to your AVA Speakers through the AVA App



Add one of your favorite playlists on to your AVA Speaker


Quick Steps

  1. On your phone or tablet pull up Spotify or the streaming service that has your favorite playlist
  2. Start playing that playlist through the AVA speakers by tapping the little speaker icon and connect. It might be named one of your rooms, like Living Room or Kitchen, etc. 
  3. Pull up the AVA App
  4. Go to Zones
  5. Tap the 3 dots
  7. Tap NEXT
  8. Select the button you wish to add your playlist to
  9. Tap Confirm
  10. You now have a favorite added to your A1 speakers

Next Steps

From the A1 speaker if you tap the 🎵 button it’ll light up number 1 at the top, tap to move across 1-5 to select your favorite or select it from the AVA remote by selecting sources then selecting your favorite from the favorites