What is a Favorite?

A Favorite is a preset station on the primary AVA Speaker (one with the controls on top). But what is a favorite? If you have Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, I'm guessing you have playlists that you've created, favorite songs you've added to that playlist so you can listen to them over and over again. That playlist can also be considered a "favorite". 


So in the world of AVA and AVA Speakers, you can save one of your playlists or favorites from Spotify  to the actual primary AVA Speaker. And the coolest thing about that is if you have multiple Spotify accounts in the house, anyone can add their playlist to one of the favorite preset stations. That way instead of having to log out and back in, you can just walk up to your AVA Speaker and select your favorite and it'll start playing! How cool is that?!


Want to see how to set a favorite on the AVA speaker? Check out this helpful knowledge base article on adding a favorite.