Snap One’s Control4 App Does Not Work on AVA Remote


Snap One’s Control4 app currently does not work on some specific Android devices, including the AVA Remote. This is unpleasant for the Control4 end-customer and Control4 dealers alike, especially as it would work perfectly. Snap One deliberately broke their app for the AVA Remote.

As you know, AVA is completely open. The AVA Remote is the first Google-certified remote in the market. Thanks to this, the remote features the full power of the Google Play Store. This makes AVA Remote the most compatible dedicated smart home interface out there. It allows the remote to feature a manufacturer’s original app, delivering exactly the experience and security each manufacturer designed it to have. At AVA, we are thankful and excited to see how all industry players embrace the new AVA Remote. There is one exception, being Snap One with Control4. We would love to see Snap One fix this, as platforms not being open is simply wrong for this industry. It creates a bad experience and restricts freedom of choice for end-customers.

On our end, AVA is 100% open and ready to feature anyone’s app that complies with the Google Play Store requirements.