Improve App Performance by Disabling "Battery Optimization"


An app that felt slow, laggy, or had to reconnect when the remote wakes, now connects quickly.

Quick Steps

To disable Battery Optimization for an app:

  1. Open Settings on the AVA Remote by opening the Top-Menu, swipe down twice and then tap on the Gear-Icon.
  2. In the Search field at top, enter “Battery.”
  3. Tap Battery Optimization.
  4. Select All Apps from the Drop Down Menu
  5. Tap the app on which you want to disable Battery Optimization.
  6. Disable Battery Optimization.



Some apps conserve battery by disconnecting from the network when not in use. This delays the user from using the app while it reconnects after the remote wakes or when the app is brought back to the forefront after running in the background.

You can set Battery performance on an app to not conserve power while in background from Settings in the Android operating system.