When you try to use an AVA Kiosk Key on an AVA Remote that has recently been Factory Reset, the remote shows a dialog stating:

Can't set up device

Your device has reset protection turned on. For help, contact your IT admin.



Quick Fix

To clear the Android device protection mode state:

  1. Tap OK to clear the error.
  2. Tap Start on the blue "Hi there" screen (Android first-time user experience).
  3. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  4. Try the Kiosk Key again, it should begin the Kiosk Mode setup properly.

We are still working on the exact steps for this error condition. You may need to go through a couple more steps in the Android setup before Protection Mode turns off. Contact for additional support. 


The Android operating system has a special device protection mode to prevent mobile phones from being used by thieves. This mode sometimes gets triggered on an AVA Remote after doing a Factory Reset on the device.




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