AVA OS - Release Notes - 1.53.2 Vega Stream

vega stream.png

The First Feature Update

I’m thrilled to post the first public update release notes here.

It’s only been a couple of days since first release of AVA OS, but our software team has already come up with the first nice software update for AVA OS.

Our goal is it to keep frequent releases coming based so AVA OS evolves to fit your needs even better.

Keep the great suggestions coming in the Idea Voting section and vote for the features that you think will benefit your business the most.

Today, we are releasing 1.53.2 “Vega Stream”

Here are the highlights:

  • Much faster discovery! During setup, Brains appear in milliseconds, rather than seconds.

  • Custom UI editor improved. Use spacers to get your custom UI widgets and buttons displayed exactly how you want them.

  • Improved device search. → more search terms now work for finding drivers.

  • 93 discrete IR drivers added (in the 5 last days alone!)

  • 3 new IP drivers (Shelly, Denon AVR, Google TV boxes)

  • Improved workflow for updating satellite brains

  • Lots of small stability improvements, bugfixes & UI tweaks

How to Get the New AVA OS Version

For both Cinema Remote and Home Remote, you get the latest version of AVA OS from the Play Store.

Open the Play Store app and check for updates to the AVA app.

💡 Pro tip: You can get to the Play Store fast from the Action Button. Just tell Google Assistant “Open Google Play.”

Your AVA remotes also automatically update while on the docking station.

Known Issues

  • Flat IR Emitters not yet available (currently in closed beta, planned to be publicly released soon)

Learning Track

🎥 Keep building your knowledge with AVA OS by checking out the ever-growing video library here.