AVA OS - Release Notes - 1.54.1 Pulsar Pulse


The lastest AVA OS release is here! 

Time to get excited! We already have the next AVA OS update ready for you. It’s packed full of features and IP drivers.

As a crew focused on innovation, the AVA dev team gets to move fast and stay focused on your needs. Just four weeks in, this latest release nicely shows how we use frequent software updates to evolve AVA OS.

You can even help guide the next release. Use the Idea Voting page to help AVA prioritize what comes next.

Here is the 1.54.1 “Pulsar Pulse” release! 


  • IP Driver for all Anthem AVRs → Anthem’s fantastic AVRs now have IP control in AVA OS.
  • IP Driver for Anthem MDX → Anthem’s audio matrixes are great, and you can control them using IP control with AVA OS.
  • IP Driver for Samsung The Frame TVs → Full IP support, including Art Mode and App launching!
  • IP Driver for current Samsung TVs → All recent models, full IP support including App launching!
  • IP Driver for previous Samsung TVs → Full IP support including App launching for pre 2020 models.
  • IP Driver for Marantz AVRs → Full IP support, works much like the Denon driver in the first AVA OS update.
  • IP Driver for Trinnov Cinema Processors → Full IP support for all Altitude processors.
  • IP Driver for NVIDIA Shield → Including power and App launching.
  • IP Driver for Kaleidescape → Including auto-discovery & multi-player support.
  • Sonos App Dynamic Keypad Volume → Now available for the Sonos app. (You need to activate “Home Screen Volume Control” in Sonos settings.)
  • Graceful handling for Nano Brain IP Address changes → while DHCP reservations are always a best practice for pro installers, you sometimes need to switch between WiFi and Ethernet during setup. When IP addresses for a Nano Brain changes, AVA OS now handles it smoothly.
  • TV Apps as custom UI elements → You can now create slides with only the TV apps and services show that your customer cares about. (Hint: Hide the Apps Slide. Show the Custom UI Slide. Add the TV apps your customer needs.)
  • Dynamic Keypad is now even More Dynamic → The Dynamic Keypad’s buttons change on all devices when you switch between Slides on the touchscreen. Example: Switch between the TV Number Pad slide and the Transport slides and the channel buttons change to transport controls.
  • Change Project function → You can now easily jump into a different project with your remote without having to reset AVA OS on the remote. Very handy when in your showroom or testing lab.
  • Fixed a nasty issue when adding devices to satellite brains (Only a hand full of customers were affected but for those who were, it sucked.)
  • Lots of small stability improvements, bug fixes, and UI refinements.

How to Get the New AVA OS Version

AVA OS updates are non-disruptive and happen automatically.

  • AVA Nano Brain - You will see an Update Available badge on any remote connected to the Nano Brain.

  • Cinema Remote & Home Remote - AVA remotes update automatically when on their charging base. You can also get the latest version of AVA OS from the Play Store as an update to the AVA app.


    💡 Pro tip: You can get to the Play Store fast from the Action Button. Just tell Google Assistant “Open Google Play.”


Known Issues

  • Flat Emitters not yet available (currently in closed beta, with public release coming soon).

What’s Next

Many of the new features in this release came about because of your votes. A few that have made top of our list for upcoming releases are:

  • Flat IR Emitter general release (out of beta)
  • IP drivers for LG premium TVs
  • IP driver for Roku

So keep telling us your ideas on the Idea Voting page.