AVA OS - Release Notes - 1.54.6 More Pulsar Pulse

more pulsar pulse.png

The lastest AVA OS release is here! 

I’m happy to inform you that we have just released the next AVA OS Pulsar Pulse update. This one focuses mostly on “under the hood” work, but we did slip in a couple frequently requested features such as the Roku IP driver.🎉

Things are moving fast, the next big release with more user facing features is also around the corner. And of course, as always, you can help guide the AVA OS software releases. Use the Idea Voting page to help AVA prioritize what comes next.

Here is the 1.54.6 “Pulsar Pulse” release for you!



  • IP Driver for ROKU → A full-fledged Roku IP driver with app launching capability for over 80 TV apps. ❤️
  • IP Driver for Sony TV Simple IP → This is in addition to the existing Sony Bravia IP driver. The Simple protocol features control for some TV models the normal Bravia driver does not cover. Also, this one requires no Pre-Shared key, so you can use it when another control system uses the PSK method at the same time.
  • Updated IP Driver for Samsung TVs → System now gets MAC address for WakeOnLan always automatically, Additional discovery method added so more models can be found automatically.
  • Updated IP Drivers with manual IP option → On all major brand IP drivers we added the option to manually enter a static IP address, this makes it possible to add devices even in network that don’t allow the automatic discovery.
  • Updated IP Drivers with mechanism for better readiness → In some scenarios, IP drivers were not immediately ready or misbehaved after reboots etc. We implemented a general fix to eliminate these effects for all IP drivers.
  • IP Driver enhancements → We added more TV app commands and rich buttons and other small enhancements to devices drivers such as Sony, Samsung all drivers incl. the Frame, Denon, Marantz, Anthem, Trinnov, Kaleidescape, NVIDIA and more.
  • Added more Discovery mechanisms → We now feature mDNS, UPNP, SSDP and some vendor specific discovery protocols. This leads to a really solid experience when adding devices and re-discover them later on etc.
  • “AVA is starting” bug fixed → After a restart, by mistake, a home swipe gesture could trigger “AVA is starting” to be displayed for a moment unnecessarily. This was a bug and is fixed.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes → Things such as: Newly created Room not immediately listed in Flows, device info updated faster after IP change, Removed duplicate “Check for Update” menu entries for devices, faster brain list loading, fixed Satellite Brain sometimes not getting an account info automatically and much more.
  • Improvements to TV favorites → Favorite TV station icons are now cached, which is especially useful when showing a demo remote to a customer. Demos can now be done completely offline (no cloud loading needed). Better handling for custom names and displaying the proper default icon.
  • Better restart behavior → Improved the handling when Cinema Remote restarts while the Nano Brain is offline or is restarted at the same time.
  • Change Project function → Now visible to all customers. Added option to switch between Local project and External project. Very handy when in your showroom or testing lab.
  • Lots of small stability improvements, bug fixes, and UI refinements.

How to Get the New AVA OS Version

AVA OS updates are non-disruptive and happen automatically.

  • AVA Nano Brain - You will see an Update Available badge on any remote connected to the Nano Brain.

  • Cinema Remote & Home Remote - AVA remotes update automatically when on their charging base. You can also get the latest version of AVA OS from the Play Store as an update to the AVA app.


    💡 Pro tip: You can get to the Play Store fast from the Action Button. Just tell Google Assistant “Open Google Play.”


Known Issues

  • Flat Emitters not yet available (currently in closed beta, with public release coming soon).

What’s Next

Many of the new features in this release came about because of your votes. A few that have made top of our list for upcoming releases are:

    • Flat IR Emitter general release (out of beta)
    • IP drivers for LG premium TVs (currently in beta)
    • IP drivers for Onkyo, Integra & Pioneer (currently in beta)

So keep telling us your ideas on the Idea Voting page.