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Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. — F. Bueller

Things are really moving now! AVA OS, the Cinema Remote, the Nano Brain, and the rest of the cast started shipping a couple months ago and AVA has already dropped two big updates full of features. So many IP drivers: Samsung TVs, Anthem, Marantz, Trinnov, Nvidia Shield, Kaleidescape, and more. And lots of other features. But what’s coming up?! Well, in this quick edition of AVA Pro News, I’m dropping you a big hint about where you can find out at least some of what our developers are working on. One of the links might reveal status on things like…maybe…IP control for LG TVs or Roku IP driver? You’ll have to click through to find out.



AVA OS Updates: Continuing Excellence

With only a few months since AVA OS first shipped, there have already been two big updates. Each update brings performance enhancements, new features, more drivers, and of course, fast fixes to reported issues. If you missed the release notes, check them out here:

1.54.1 “Pulsar Pulse
1.53.2 “Vega Stream

Feature Requests…Delivered (Go Vote!)

IP control for Marantz AVRs, Samung TVsTrinnov pre-amps, and several other features added since AVA OS was first released…they all came about from ideas submitted by AVA dealers. You can request features and vote on others’ ideas.

Check out the Idea Voting page.

Cinema Remote and the Dynamic Keypad

Among the many innovations you can find in using AVA Cinema Remote, the one that stands out most is the Dynamic Keypad. Cinema Remote goes a completely different direction from all previous “universal” remotes by introducing the Dynamic Keypad as a better way than the traditional button cluster.

When you show the Dynamic Keypad to your clients, here are the things to highlight:

  1. 3D Glass - the 3-dimensional glass surface guide your thumb right to a home position so you don’t need to look down.
  2. Perfect click - With each press you will feel the quality of engineering we put into it.
  3. Dynamic - Dynamic Keypad changes its button labels and functions according to the current media source, and even in coordination with the touch screen use interface. Demonstrate how switching the touchscreen from a channels interface to a TV apps interface smartly changes the Dynamic Keypad’s channel buttons to skip forward and back buttons.

See Dynamic Keypad on my latest Smash Tech >>

Fast Training Topics

AVA gets you focused training videos that get straight to the point! ‘Nuff said.

Customizing User Interfaces

Sure, the Dynamic Keypad on the Cinema Remote is what gets the most use while watching TV, but did you know you can customize user interfaces on the touch screen? Check out these two short videos to learn how.

AVA OS Means Way Less Need for Android Apps

If you learned AVA back in the days before AVA OS, come on an un-learning journey with me. With AVA OS, you rarely need use Android apps. Find out the when and how in these two videos.